It's time for a change

Today was my first time in a while since the last time I went to a beauty salon and got my hair straight. Personally I hate going to a salon and not because it's expensive (here in Dominican Republic it's very cheap), just because I get lazy. Anyways, I wanted a change but I can't cut my hair or even dye it because I'm in a new agency and they don't want me to do any change in my hair, so I though, you know what? I'm gonna use my hair straight part in the middle for a little while.

For now I don't feel very confortable, because I can't even remember the last time I used my hair like that, but I'll get used to it. My boyfriend it's not a big fan of straight hair he said I don't look like me and the wavy hair is sexier.

What do you guys think? It looks nice or I should stick to wavy hairstyle?

Mercadillo Vol 9

10 days ago was in the "Mercadillo Vol 9" it's a vintage market where many people sell clothes, shoes, accessories and more things. I was one of the sellers with my stor "Buy my Closet"

They do this event monthly, this time didn't go a lot of people, this are the month when people has no money to spend for pleasure or fun.

This is the outfit I wore :)

Sorry for the poor resolution, pictures were taken eith my cellphone

Asymetrical skirt

I wore this for school yesterday. A gorgeous DIY skirt my mom made, she's amazing :D

What I'm wearing?
DIY skirt
F21 sandals
Thrifted bag

My sister got this beautiful coral necklace from a girlfriend, I'm obssesed with it!! :D

At school!

I'm almost in finals and this weeks are gonna be stressful, ''semana santa'' (it's something like spring break) it's coming soon and and perhaps I'll spend a great weekend with my friends in Bávaro. Just a bunch of girls in a hotel drinking, talking and spending great time on the beach :D can't wait.

This was an outfit from a few days ago :)