I'm so sorry

Hello girls!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, I'm so sorryy I haven't been posting anything here on the blog. I'm truly sorry for that, my computer charger is dead and I need to buy a new one.

I apologize for not even post anything from my phone but I found that is a bit weird and uncomfortable because I can't post pictures I took with my camera. But in the meantime if you have instagram (jacdamiminaya) or twitter (buymycloset_rd), follow me 'cause I've been posting hauls, tips and outfit of the day on those social networks.

I'm hope to get my charger soon, beause there's coming a new year, with new opportunities, new proyects, and of course lot of new post! Below are some pictures of the past days I had :)

Good night girls, hope you had an excellent weekend!

Xo, Jacdami!

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