The last things I bought.

Some are recently new, and some were bought a month ago or not, are little things I bought that I have not posted on the blog.

Let me start with the new ones. 

I bought this watch at ASOS on sale for only $10.44 

This is my first experience that succeeded buying from this store, my first order from them was a time ago and they rejected my credit card because the didn't even ship to my country, but then I was stalking the store and found out they were shipping to Dominican Republic and I got so excited.

What I love a this store? I'm totally in love  with their estrategic marketing of "Free standar shipping Worldwide with no minimun purchase" isn't amazing??

And my new fake Yves Saint Laurent ring, Bought it from my own store Buy my Closet Store

Neon Yellow jeans, bought it from my own store Buy my Closet Store 

This is the best eyelashes glue I ever tried, this time I tried the darktone because I lost the other one. Your lashes won't fall out and it's waterproof.

Jordana Hot Pink lipstick, is a gorgeous color but is not really pigmented.

Paired with NYX dolly pink lip gloss is just the perfect combination.

Extra pictures :)

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