Spring Break!

Yesterday I went to the beach, we're in Semana Santa (spring break) and I had plan to go to Samana with my bff or go to Bavaro with another girlfriend, but both plans were cancel and I had not choice to stay in the city and go to Juan Dolio!

I had so much fun I went with my family and my boyfriend.

I wore a beautiful bikini the leopard top is from a vintage bikini I found and the bottom I recently bought it in a local store, seriously when I saw it I knew I had to bought it and was very cheap only RD$195 pesos ($4.98) 

My beautiful younger sister!

At first time it wasn't a sunny, It was raining long way but then was hot as hell. I didn't plan to get tan even I used sunscreen 50 and 40 SPF and however I got really tanned, I always say that my skin likes the sun because seriously I tan in 5 or 6 minutes!!! And I don't like it because sometimes I wanna go the beach constantly and I can't 'cause the sun aswell affect my skin and I begin to get white spots

Here you can tell how tanned I am right now (extra pictures with my cel)

Hope you guys are having a great Spring Break! :)

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