OFTD: Minty jeans

What I'm wearing?
F21 jeans
Thrifted blouse
F21 beanie

 - Photo booth -

Forever 21 haul

Here I some stuff I bought from forever21.com :)

I was looking for FOREVER jeans with these colors with affordable price, and finally got them at F21 for an amazing price $15.80 each.  (SIZE 25)

You probably saw these earring in my new year's eve post! I got them I think for $6.80 bucks :)

I love necklaces with letter, I got treses for $1.50 each one

I saw this rail polish and I tell myself I had to got it!! :D how cool is this stuff plus is a neon yellow!


This was my lastest purchase from elf

Mint - Golden goddess

I loveee the gold one :D


This is such a pretty color :)

I'd never try this out, was my first time and now I need to buy more, I used it every day :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami

Hello 2012

This is my first post of the year, I feel very greatful with 2011. I met new friends, I started my own bussiness, I met my boyfriend, I grew up in diferrent ways. I could say this was my best year, everything was peaceful and in place. So thank you God for that.

Here are some pictures of New Year's Eve...

 With my beautiful mom.

The makeup was a bit simple, just gold eyeshadow from elf and peachy lips! :)

Photo booth...

The sister... I loveeee her <3

The earrings and dress are from Forever 21 :)
Hope you liked it! :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami