This is not the best outfit I have wear, but is the most comfortable outfit. Here showing you my pretty skinny legs with this leggings from F21. I've been wearing comfortable clothes the past days,  this is the shorter semester of the year because the holidays are coming and there're too many homework to do. 

About my personal life everything have been so quiet and stabilized, now I'm not a Microsoft girl I have a macbook and I'm so happy, Apple has saved my life I can do all my designs and work faster; my blackberry died and I had to buy another one.

I hope you like this casual and simple look :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami

The perfect gift

My boyfriend gave me this necklace watch. Its the perfect gift because I wanted one of this for a long time ago, I was literally dying to have one, and is so much more perfect because it has an Eiffel tower plus says Paris.  Oh my God!! I love everything that says Paris or have an Eiffel Tower on it, I feel like I have to buy everything that has to be related to this. This necklace means a lot to me and I know it will be with me for a very long time.

Thank you monito for giving me this beautiful gift, I adore you :* <3

I would like to visit this city, and I hope I could someday :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami <3

OFTD: The little floral dress

These pictures were taken by a friend, I was collaborating in a photo-shoot he had. This is the outfit I wore, a beautiful floral dress it was actually a long dress but my mom turned into a gorgeous mini dress :)

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted dress
F21 oxfords
F21 Belt and accesories
Thrifted bag

Until next post,
xo Jacdami!