Happy mother's day!! :)

Today we're celebrating in my contry the mother's day and this is a post dedicated to the number one person in my life my beautiful mami. She's the most trustful, charming and strong woman I ever met, she's my inspiration in life is the one that stand by me no matter what.

Also she's the one that inspired me with fashion and beauty, I remember when I was a kid my mom used to work in an italian makeup company and she had a big train case full of all the products of the company, and my sisters and I used to play like we were teenage girls, we took all the makeup, my mom's clothes and shoes.

And our favorite part was to use red lipstick, Godd! that was a mess lol! and I remember that lipstick like it was today an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick with a gorgeous gold packaging, I love the old times :)

Feliz dia mami te amo muchisimo!!! :)

Happy mother's day in case it is also in your country :)

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xo Jacdami♥ 

Homemade lips, face & body scrub

My favorite homemade scrub is very easy to do and super affordable, you only need:
Brown sugar & honey there is no standard amount, just add what you're going to need

Mix it!

And is ready to use it :)


with the scrub


I love this scrub and I use it for lips, face and body. Removes the death skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth :)

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xo Jacdami♥

"Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth."

  What I'm wearing?
Thrifted pants, bodysuit, blazer
Random necklace

I wore this outfit for school the other day. Lately I 've been wearing a lot of orange pieces, I used to hate orange :p lol

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xo Jacdami♥

NYX round lipsticks nudes (Review and Swatches)

These lipsticks are $2.50 each one at cherryculture, and are really creamy, are different formulation and tons of colors and to choose.  I personally prefer the cream sheen formulation.

The swatches
My natural lip color
 Circe: Is a nude color with beige undertone with a tiny bit of pink. This isn't obviously a nude lipstick for me, it looks okay in the picture but in person is a bit light for my skintone.
Honey: as well is a nude with beige undertone, a great color for medium warm skintones.

Echo: A gorgeouss nude for warm skintones, this is a true nude for my skin color is my favoriteeee! :D

Rea: Is kinda taupe color.

Sierra: is the darker color of all

---More swatches---
Artificial light with flash
Natural light with flash
Natural light witout flash

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xo Jacdami♥

NYX eyeshadow base

Reg. price $7.00  sale$6.00 in the color ''skin tone''
It looks really creamy but it's not exactly a creamy texture, I don't know how to describe it. In my opinion, is not the best product; for me is very hard to blend it into my lids. Also at the end of my day my lids turns a bit oily and I only spend 4 hour at college so don't last all day, I think the formulation does not work for me.
On top with the base, bottom without it.

Something good is that really intentify the color of your eyeshadows, I would use for photoshoots. I would not recommend this product for girls with combination or oily lids.

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xo Jacdami♥

Everyday minerals base (full size)

EM matte base in ''sandy medium'' $12.00

I can't even tell how much I love this product is like ''my everyday must''. Since I bought the 'try me kit' I used this base every single day, and seriously it's amazing. I love how naturally my skin looks, you don't even feel like you have a product on your face and for $12 bucks you get a great amount.

In the site they say you can use the sample like 3 or 4 times (I'm not sure), but I used it 8 or more and still have a bit, so if you can get the sample for a while.
This is the comparison between the sample and the full size, the colors are perfectly matched
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xo Jacdami♥

Too much light

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted Floral shorts
Thrifted Yellow blouse
Bamboo flats
F21 pearl neclkace

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xo Jacdami♥

NYX concealer in a jar and ELF studio concealer palette

NYX concealer in a jar in TAN $5.00

This color is not as dark as it's look in the picture below, but it's still dark for my skintone, I need to buy a lighter color to brighten my eyes. I love the texture and it do conceal the black areas, it's perfect for under eye.

ELF studio concealer palette in medium $3.00

I used the first and the third color for my under eye and I loved it, the texture is creamy and do not crease.

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xo Jacdami♥

Face Powders

Maybelline Pure Powder in dark $4.89

Compared with the maybelline mineral power finishing veil powder (dark) is so much lighter

Is not very pigmented, so I think is great for finishing your foundation

Maybelline Mineral power finishing veil translucent loose powder $2.99

I thought this were going to be a 100% translucent, but it's not, it has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and it's another thing I dont like because show up in the face when applied. I don't like products that gives shimmer all over my face due to my combination-oily skin, maybe it will work for dry skins.

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in matte bronze $1.00

I personally don't like this bronzer, I feel like the color doesn't suit me, maybe this will work in a darker skintone.

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xo Jacdami♥

Eyeliner pens and ELF studio cream eyeliner

 I love eyeliner pens for my everyday cat eyeliner, this is my favorite trend for eyes and I never leave home without it.

L to R:
- L.A girl fine line $3.99, It's not waterproof but it last all day, and I like it because the tip is fine.

- MILANI EYE TECH Liquid Liner $6.99, LOVE LOVE this one is very black and as well last all day.

- ELF waterproof eyeliners in Teal and Coffee $1.00, buy them because I hadn't these colors, but I love the black one and also bought like 4 backups.

ELF studio cream eyeliner in black $3.00, I love this cream eyeliner because is pigmented, last all day and is really creamy

Sorry for the messy swatches
Here you can tell how pigmented it is, I clean the area with a makeup remover wipe and you can see the redness and the black eyeliner residues.

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xo Jacdami♥