Bourjois fresh cleansing gel

This is a quick review of a product from bourjois. I've been using this product to clean my makeup since two months ago. Is such a good product, and what i love more is the that smells really well the smell reminds me the beach, I mean the breeze of the beach Gosh I loved!! I wish to find a splash with this smell :p

I would truly recommend this.

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Hello there! I found this beautiful tweet via @EpicTweets_  and thought it was too beautiful to pass up. 
So there's this girl I know
she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen
when she walks, everyone seems to follow
when she talks, everyone seems to listen
when she smiles, the world stop
when she sings, people look around for an angel
but this girl
this amazing girl
she is confused
she doesn't know where she is going to
--> end up
she is afraid
of what might happen
but she does not know
how amazing she truly is
look in the mirror

there she is <3  Smile

I loved this tweet because all it says is the truth. I always love to give this advice to people '' Be confident believe in yourself, everything is posible. Always say to yourself I am beautiful the way I am''

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This is a haul from Forever 21 that I didn't had the time to edit the pictures and post it. There are more uncoming hauls.

-Tweezers: I bought it because I thought it was too cute with those little pink rhinestones all over, but honestly it doesn't work well

-Nerd sunglasses I loved itt!

I was really surprised about the pearls bracelet, i thought it was going to peel in three times of used, but not!

Inlove with these earrings

$1.50 necklaces

 How cute!! :)
 This ring came peel! ughh -.-''

Hope this post has been hepful.

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More pictures from samana

This are pictures from samana, not posted! Hope you like this post :)

Magnum makes me happy! (:
This is the house where i was, Goshh is beautifullll!

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I Heart Audrey..

You may know how much I love Audrey Hepburn, she's such an inspiration for me and Valelentine's day outfit was a tribute to her for being the most humble, selfless person and of course super stylish.

 I stopped by my quotes notebook and found something she said: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" This is so TRUE! because everytime you think something is impossible you're blocking your mind. everytime you want to do something DO IT, don't even doubt it, no matter how stupid you think it is. Think positive and positive things will come by itself..

What I'm wearing?
Leggings, top and sneakers - F21
Necklace - ramdom store
Bag - thrifted
Hope you liked it!
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Green + Floral = ♥

 I do not have much to say 'bout this day. It was as usual: I went to college, did homework, ate and slept :p

My sister stared playing voleyball and it's 3 hours everyday, so she don't have so much time to take me pictures, I'm lost without her :/

What I'm wearing?
High waist short- Trifted
Floral dress worn as top - Zara
Oxford shoes - F21
 Belt - Boohoo
Accesories - F21

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Forever 21 haul

Let's start with the things I didn't took the pictures

Edgy sparkle leggings $11.99

Breakfast at Tiffany's top $14.80  (I've been dying for one and FINALLY i got it!!! :D )
A slub knit open cardigan $12.99

From L to R, on the bottom picture:
Turquoise ring $2.80 (in love with the color)
Peach Heart ring $2.80 (perfect color)
Flower printed ring $4.80 (perfect for this spring)
Bohemian ring $3.80 (I already lost ittt! :'(  )

$1.50 each one. Despite the price aren's poor quality, actually thought they were going to be bad.

 Hot pink nail polish $2.80 Was not the color I expect but is great color for summer, is lighter in person en super neon!

Hope you liked this haul post.

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isn't it spring yet, and I'm wearing summer styles already

The sun was on my favor this time and let me take me some pictures with my babe, lol :)

What I'm wearing?
Top - Zara
Skirt - F21
Shoes - F21
earrings - F21
Hat - F21
Bag - random

Hope you enjoy this look...
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