Polka dot dress

 What I'm wearing?
Polka dot dress - made by my lovely mom
Bag - vintage
belt - my mom's
Rings - F21
Bracelet and watch - random
Sunglasses - F21

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xo Jacdami♥

New nail polishes

I think this is a local brand, is very inexpensive

From L to R:
color 28, 
viva pink: is a very vibrant pink
princess: in person looks more neon

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xo Jacdami♥

Long weekend: Samana

From last Friday until yesterday I was in Samana, taking a little vacation in a house my bff's family have there. They were so kind to invite me, and I had so much fun.

If you don't know where is Samana, is in Dominican Republic and is one of the tourist place of my country. Has green mountains, long beaches, lively little towns in between and turquoise waters. Is defenitely a place to visit if you come here someday.

Here are some pictures:

Pictures I wanted to shoot :p
The seaside was full of these seashell
A woman fishing with her sons.

Hope you enjoy these pictures adn the outfit. If you want to see more pictures keep visiting my blog because I'll be updating more post like this.

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xo, Jacdami♥

Drusgstore.com haul and the WORST customer service...

Two days ago I got my package from drugstore.com and I was so excited at first time but when I opened the package and saw the powder BROKEN wanted to die, God damn it!! they not even wrapped the powder in newspaper or something else. And that was not all, when I opened the box of the duo eyelash adhesive was EMPTY!! can you believe this?? 

This is the worst experience of my life buying something on the internet, God! I think when you're a company you must be VERY careful wrapping the products of your customers and make sure everything is protected, and especially if it's a new buyer, because the first impression will determine whether the customer want  to buy again. 

Something else that hapenned, I sent an email to them the same day i got the package and them don't even reply me yet! :s

So, this is my experience with the store, you can have your own experience but I will not recommed buying anything! :s

They thought I wanted a loose powder... -.-''  ($5.49)

...and also i wanted a empty box for $5.69

Revlon color stay for combo/oily skin - Toast $12.99
(a got new one because the other was a little light to my skintone)

Cover girl lip perfection - spellbound 325  $6.99
The most I loveabout this lipstick is that is highly pigmented :)

Wet 'n wild silk finish - fuchsia with blue pearls $1.29
not a fan of this color :/

Hope you enjoy my terrible experience and you liked the haul.

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xo Jacdami♥

Red & nude

I wore this yesterday, I was not in the mood to wear makeup.

What I'm wearing?

Jeggings - F21
Lace top - F21
Red blouse - My mom's
Oxford - F21
Handbag- Prada
Accesories - F21
Leopard bow - DIY

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xo Jacdami♥

Wearable double cat eyes

This is the best way to wear double cat eyes, because is not dramatic and you can use it in your everyday makeup. I think it's looks nice and diferent.

1- Apply your foundation
2- Conceal your blemishes and dark circles
3- Finish your soundation with powder
4- Line your waterline a little bit out of your lower lash line with white eye liner (don't know if I explain it right)
5- Line the upper lash line folowing you natural line 
5.5- Mascara
6- Countour your face and add blush
7- Lipstick and lipgloss as your choice and you're done

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xo Jacdami♥

Matte mint nails!

Since I bought the the ELF matte finisher nail polish I 've been painting my nail matte, lol, no matter what color it is, I couldn't resist to put a top of this great matte finisher. I should say I didn't expect so much from this product. I highly recommend this, is a great deal because is really cheap, also works good and dry fast. 

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xo Jacdami♥

A little holiday haul

My sisters and I made my mom a surprise purchase, a few weeks ago we made the order and arrived december 31 (just in time, lol), I remember when we came home with the clothes my mom was saying ''oh what I'm gonna wear tonight'' (obviously in spanish xD) and alsa she was designing a dress for my sister and I, you know were all the fabrics around the bed. My sisters and I went directly to the room screaming SUSPRISEEE!! with the clothes in the hand, woohooo! she was very, very excited and happy. 

We spend $102.96 and I found a coupon (  sorry10   )  10%off in the order. We bought 2 dresses and 4 tops. I bought for me this:

Floral print flats that looks like oxfords $18.80 / $16.92

readers charm necklace $1.50 / $1.35

I know 2011 will bring Happiness

A year has gone, a new year just arrived. In 2010 I had a lot of ups and downs as always. I made new friends. I learned a LOT about life and people. I change my way of thinking. I got closer to my sister. My fashion sense has evolved. Anyways, many things have happened, despite every mistake I made
in the past year I know that everything has its purpose and I feel really good with myself.

So, I hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy new yearrr! I wish with all my heart that this year you can reach your goals and purposes, and be happy! :*

- - - - Makeup - - - -

For Eyes:
ELF butternut quad
ELF waterproof pencil eyeliner

L'ebel foundation
Maybelline mirenal finishig powder in dark
Maybelline dream mousse concealer beige, medium 0-2.5
ELF duo bronzing

Revlon matte lipstick in strawberry suede

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xo, Jacdami♥