Beautiful sky!

Hello my lovely readers, Today is December 31 I wanna wish you an early HAPPY NEW YEAR. and tell you I'm back posting outfits. For me this one seems to be kinda Egyptian style. I loved the cloudy and windy day :)

What I'm wearing?
Mom's top, ramdom skirt
Bag and cuff bracelet found in a vintage market
DIY headwrap
My new shoes from Gojane I bought in blackfriday :)

I hope you guys liked!

Until next post,
xo Jacdami

Just simple!

This is a simple outfit I wore  to my sister's school talent show. It was a windy and rainy day, I had such a great time with people I love. Because of the weather I decided to wear jeans, a pair of pink sneakers bought it in hottopic a year ago, a black and white shirt from a thrift store, and a fake leather jacket from F21! For makeup just my regular everyday makeup look but, with a touch of color on the lips with a pink lipstick.

Until next post,
xo Jacdami

Aqua blue

This is a simple makeup I wore a few weeks ago. 

What's on my face?
Maybelline mineral power foundation - medium 2.5
NYX concealer in a jar - glow
Translucent powder

Until next post,
xo Jacdami

L'oreal and Neutrogena face cleansers

I bought these a few months ago and I'm not regret about any of them :)

I had already purchased this a little while ago, and I liked so much that bought a bigger one. This is a perfect product for people with acne problems, It feels very nice on the skin, smells amazing, and control the acne. The only bad thing about it's that tends to dry out a little the skin :)

This is my first time using this product and I have to say that my experience was surprisingly AMAZING, this is the perfect product for people with oily skin, I personally have combination skin and it controls the oil on my ''T zone'' This facial cleanser is the best thing I ever tried, my face feels so soft after washing, didn't dries out, I didn't get pimples (just the normal ones before the period).

It comes with a little scrublet which is one of the best part. Before I bough it I read very bad reviews about the product, and still decided to give it a try and thank God it wasn't a let-down. I always say that what may be bad for some people may be good for me, every skin is different :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami


Hello!! Today I feel SUPER happy because:
 I'm officially in holidays vacation, so school is finally over.
 My hair is growing and is looking healthier, so thanks God for that.
 Everything is going great in my love life.

As you may know I moved to a new home, and I have a new room project going on for a few months now. I've been buying accessories and a lots of stuff for the new room, obviously I haven't bought it all things in one day, I've been buying things for 4 months (I'm not rich, lol). I painted the walls with a gorgeous Tiffany blue, painted 2 black chandeliers next to the window with a stencil I made (Maybe I'll show you how to do that).

The room is not finished yet, I need to get the curtains, I have to paint the furniture, get a desk, organize my messy closet LOL!!... In short there are many details.

This is one of the chandeliers

P.S: sorry for the bad resolution pictures, were taken by my laptop and my cellphone camera.

I hope everything is Ok with you guys, and have a happy rest of weekend :)

Unil next post,
xo Jacdami