NYX round lipsticks nudes (Review and Swatches)

These lipsticks are $2.50 each one at cherryculture, and are really creamy, are different formulation and tons of colors and to choose.  I personally prefer the cream sheen formulation.

The swatches
My natural lip color
 Circe: Is a nude color with beige undertone with a tiny bit of pink. This isn't obviously a nude lipstick for me, it looks okay in the picture but in person is a bit light for my skintone.
Honey: as well is a nude with beige undertone, a great color for medium warm skintones.

Echo: A gorgeouss nude for warm skintones, this is a true nude for my skin color is my favoriteeee! :D

Rea: Is kinda taupe color.

Sierra: is the darker color of all

---More swatches---
Artificial light with flash
Natural light with flash
Natural light witout flash

Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥

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