What I've been doing these past days?

I have a few days since I wrote something here. I've been very stressed, yesterday I finished my finals at school and ''holy week'' (Semana Santa) it's coming, also it's coming my 19th birthdayyy and I was quite excited about it, but because it is just a day after the start of Holy Week I do not think I should celebrate it big, so I've decided that maybe I will spend family outings and have fun watching movies and series.
Anyways the post is called ''what I've been doing these past days?'' Let's see, as I said I finished my finals, and the past two weeks were the worst weeks I barely slept 3 or 2 hours a day only doing desings and drawings.

This is one of them was for a class called typography.

Ate lots of fruits, here grapes and strawberries with honey, I loveee to add honey to fruit, but specially with pineapple I eat it every morning at school. 
 And strawberry with yougurt is a great combination :)

I've been wearing simple and comfy outfits. Example:

-Simple tank tops or t'shirts

-Sneakers or flats

-A tote bag full of color pencils, brushes, pencils, paints and all that kind of stuff

-My blackberry was my best friendand just because the music

-And had no time even to go to the salon, so I was constantly with a messy bun

-But despite all these things always wore makeup because the product of many hours without sleep I had (and have) dark circles. But not a lot of makeup was always simple, just my regular upper black eyeliner, EM base, a lip balm and sometimes blush.

Now, after those weeks I feel if I need some time for myself. :)

Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥

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