All you need to know about thrift stores

I'm a self-confessed thrift store shop-a-holic, lol. In my case, I'm not rich all the things I get my money from some part-time jobs and sometimes my parents give memoney. I really love fashion and beauty, and I always say ''You don't neccesary need a lot of money to be fashionista you only need style and taste'' So, thrift stores are my alternative to buy my clothes and some accesories.

I really recommend buying on this stores for some reasons:
- Rarely someone is gonna have the same exact clothes.
- You can find vintage stuff.
- Everything is very inexpensive.
- And you have so much fun looking  for all the clothes (at least for me :p).
- You can find expensive brands.

My advices when you go to buy:
- Never go dressy or with heels, go as comfy as possible.
- Check that the clothes are in good condition (I mean that hasn't holes or stains, tc...)
- Avoid underwear like panties, at least you saw a brand new ticket.
- I do not recommend buying shoes.
- Do not try on clothes without washing.
- And OF COURSE the most important thing is to wash and disinfect the clothes and accessories since you get home.

Here some of the things I've bought recently

 This a an XL shirt, but I bought it because I though i could wear it as a dress. Keep your mind open to larger sizes.

One more time this is a larger size and fits me very well as a blouse (size large and I'm small)

This is a gorgeous dress I found is a dress below the knee, but I told my mom to cut it above the knee.

This is an Express blouse, tank or whatever you call it, it is brand new had the label but my sister already used it, is so pretty.
Anddd my favorite part are the swimsuits...

 I bought this one because have a nice back and thought I could wear it with a skirt and will look so pretty, as well as a swin suit.
It has this beautiful gold buttons, but I thought it will look nicer with some more buttons. 
Oh oh! Another suggestion when you see a beautiful piece with many buttons take it even it if looks ugly, it's worth it because these buttons are hard to find, I always do that. lol

This gorgeouss polka dot bandeau swin top, I was SO excited because when I first saw it I swore that was identical to one I saw at Target Mossimo and when I saw the size label said Mossimo, so when I got home the first thing I did was look on target to see if it was the same and yes it is the same :D

I sewed this beautiful button to make it more fancy :)
Look at this price $17.99 and I bought mine only for $10 pesos ($0.26 cents) and are like NEW! I think I was lucky!

This gorgeous hot pink swin top by Guess! only $50 pesos ($1.32 dollar)

Another wich I'm INLOVEEEE!!

This super beautiful bandeau top with this cute little red hearts.

Old navy triangle swin top.

I love this onee! :)

I don't usually do thrifted haul post, because I think when you do a haul post it is to show you a product or item so you can see if you should buy something from my haul, but in this kind of hauls you are not available to buy the same exact things because is 99% imposible you find this things. I just showed you these things so you¡ll be able to see that in thrift stores you can find many good things like me.
P.S: Never be ashamed to buy at this stores
Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥
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