How to make your own lip lacquer

What you need:

- A plastic container

- Plastic spoon, the lipstick of your choice, and a clear lipgloss.

- Depot a bit of lipgloss and lipctick in the container.

- Enter it in the microwave for a few minutes until it's liquid and mix.
- let it cool.

And here is the result. If you want one with less pigment simply reduce the amount of lipstick and increase lipgloss. 

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Diamons & pearls MAC giveaway

Hellooo there! Diamons & pearls is hosting a giveaway and is ''the Surf baby blush'' it looks beautifulllll I wish for once I could win a giveaway because I never do, lol. So go check it out and you try out you never know if you could win, enter to the following link for rules.

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My Birthday outfit

 What I'm wearing?
Thrifted dress -  F21shoes - DIY love necklace

This is the outfit I wore on my 19th birthday, is a simple black dress in the front with a  kinda sexy back. For makeup I wore almost my everyday makeup, but a bit heavier for the pictures and wearing covergirl perfection lipstick in the color spellbound (I LOVEEE this color).
And for the hair, for me it's funny how I got this hairstyle; first I washed my hair one day before then I put leave-in and let it dry in a bun, but only dry the top and part of the long hair, so with a part of the long wet I made ''anchoas'' (don't know how to say that word in english) THIS --------
I slept with them and take them off the day after, and my hair was Really curlyy, the hair was above the shoulders and it was so hard to soften the curls. This is a good way to curl your hair naturally, but if you gotta use it for any occasion is best do it two days before so the curls will look soft. In some pictures you can see in my arms a bit of skin despigmentation, that's what causes me spending time in the sun at least one of the things. My skin is very sensitive to sunlight, no matter if I use a sunscreen  :S but I'm happy now I'm on a treatment with a dermatologist :)

Hope you enjoy this post, have a nice rest of the weekend :)

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How to rise above hating yourself & begin to love yourself.

Ok, yesterday I wrote I will post my birthday outfit, but I can't because photobucket seems to be down, the pictures do not want to load. Sorry I'll make the post tomorrow if the problem is resolved in the page.
So today I read this article or whatever it is on the blog  called The Daily Love (AKA  @TheDailyLove on twitter), I know the text is a bit long, but it's worth it to read.

Self-hate is a dream killer. It is also a spit in the face to The Uni-verse, which created you to fulfill a great purpose.
How do you step out of self-hate?

The first step is accepting that you hate yourself and then believing that you deserve to be happy (even if it feels fake).  It takes courage to love yourself. It takes courage to be happy. There is a HUGE pay off for hating yourself. It means you don’t have to grow, step into the unknown and that you can continue to tell your sob story and get love and validation from those who feel sorry for you.

But that is no way to get love. And pretty soon, if you keep telling your sob story without claiming ownership of your part about why you are still stuck, people will start to get sick and tired of hearing about it. Life is hard, growth isn’t easy and real friends are there for you. But at some point even your best friends won’t want to hear it. This isn’t because they aren’t your friends, it’s because they want the best for you and wallowing in a pity story doesn’t serve your greatest good, or theirs.

So, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to change? Do you want to wake up and love yourself a little more tomorrow? Do your dreams call to you, yet no one is answering the call on your end? Are you ready?

Then come with me. Step out of the victim identity that says you are not worth happiness. Accept and affirm to yourself that you love you. Claim responsibility for your part in why you have stayed in this low vibration for so long. See that you actually get your needs met by throwing a pity party. Then start to take action from this moment forward.

Call your friends and thank them for being there. Tell them that you will no longer tell the pity story and that you want to step into the Light of Love and change. Then ask them to hold you accountable when you slip.

Some other great steps to overcoming self-hatred are to make changes to your diet. Start to alkalize your body. If you don’t know how to do this, read “The pH Miracle” or “The Body Ecology Diet” to find the answer. Get out of the house and exercise and take a yoga class. Start to journal your feelings every morning. Make a gratitude list daily of what you are grateful for, rather that why you feel sorry for yourself.

Also, find a way to be of service – not just with your money, but also with your time. Get into the experience of being of service. Give your time to the sick, homeless or elderly or find a cause that moves you.

Getting outside of yourself and being of service is a wonderful way to lift your spirit. Get help, too. Start to see a therapist or get a life coach/mentor.

There is great love available to you, right here and right now. When you close up and do not love yourself, it is as if you have created an impenetrable wall and are keeping all of the love out of your life. People can only love you to the same degree that you love yourself.

It’s scary, but open up and let their love in. Accept a little more, day by day, that you are love-able and worthy. Let go of the need to control and accept the love that comes your way. If you are not surrounded by loving people, set a boundary and go where the love is.

It gets better, day by day, if you let it.

Not a single word of this article belongs to me, so do not give me no credit for it, all credit goes to the owner of the blog. You can find this post at the following link 

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HAPPY Birthday to meeee!!! :)

Hello guysss, this post is just for let you know that today It's my birthdayyyy and I'm 19 years already!! I'm so happy my mom baked me a ''cake'' in her delicious way, lol!

Maybe I didn't go out this birthday but I feel so blessed for the family and friends I have, they made this day so special, when I woke up today my blackberry messenger was full of people congratulating me, as well my facebook wall has tons of congratulations comments. I feel SO HAPPY today can't believe I'm 19.

I feel stupid because I wrote a lots of tweets to Paul Wesley  @paulwesley just to see if he wishes me happy birthday, lol! Yes, yes, I know sometimes I can be a bit silly but if he only reply me back with a simple ''HBD'' you'll probably think I'm insane but that will make me SUPERRRR happyy,  I'm a big fan of him, he got me going mad crazy. Be sure if that happens I'll take a screen picture, print it and then put it on my memories box or the birthday album I'll make (now you know how crazy I am, lol).

My wishes for this birthday are:
- A computer for myself because I really need one to make my college works without pressure and write on my blog more often.
- I wish my dad buy me some furniture from Ikea for create a work area for myself as well (I was there last week and had several ideas of what I want for my work area).

I wanna say thank you for all the people that is supporting me with my blog, thank you for the sweet comments. Although I have not many followers, I am very happy because honestly I never though I would have more than 20 and reach 61 it's a lot for me, lolaso!
P.S: tomorrow I'll post my birthday outfit.

 Thank you for reading

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The Face Shop purchase and review

Hey guyss! I went to the face shop just to buy their cleansing wipes, I don't tried them before, but I remember when I was 14 my mom always used to go to that store and bought their cleasing wipes (I don't know if they are the same).

So they came in this beautiful packaging wish I love...

...And like that have this kind of sticker which I personally don't peel off, because this will not let air into the product wich is a great thing 'cause the product lasts longer...

...and here we have the wipe :p

Here's me with makeup and had already cleaned my lipstick with a napkin, but as you can see there's a little bit in the mouth...

...Cleaning the face...

...and the smiley face after cleaning.

For my eyes area I only like to clean my lids but superficially and not even touch my eyelashes, because my eyes are really sensitive... I just use my regular eye makeup remover.

Here's the dirty wipe, you can see all the face product all over, the eyeliner and the lipstick.

I truly recommend this product I think it cost me about RD$350 pesos (I'm not sure) which are about $ 9.23 dollars, but if you live in USA probably will cost less because in my country everything is way more expensive. But still a good price as it brings 70 wipes.
Hope this was helpful.

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If you failed , just remember you tried!

What I'm wearing?
F21 leggings
Thrifted royal blue oversized top
Gojane booties
Gift hat
 Thrifted bag
F21 rings
F21 ''I♥LOSANGELES'' necklace

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How to mix your own lip color.

How I wrote in one of my post (click here) I wanted it so badly an orange lipstick, but I didn't have one so thought I could mix one. It's very easy to do you only need an eyeshadow of the color you want and a lipgloss.

Here are the steps:

 - Scrape the eyeshadow. I used BH cosmetics 120 colors palette and choose a matte orange because I personally don't like sheer shimmery lip colors.

- Take the powdered shadow and mix it with with a lipgloss.

And this is the result :)

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What I've been doing these past days?

I have a few days since I wrote something here. I've been very stressed, yesterday I finished my finals at school and ''holy week'' (Semana Santa) it's coming, also it's coming my 19th birthdayyy and I was quite excited about it, but because it is just a day after the start of Holy Week I do not think I should celebrate it big, so I've decided that maybe I will spend family outings and have fun watching movies and series.
Anyways the post is called ''what I've been doing these past days?'' Let's see, as I said I finished my finals, and the past two weeks were the worst weeks I barely slept 3 or 2 hours a day only doing desings and drawings.

This is one of them was for a class called typography.

Ate lots of fruits, here grapes and strawberries with honey, I loveee to add honey to fruit, but specially with pineapple I eat it every morning at school. 
 And strawberry with yougurt is a great combination :)

I've been wearing simple and comfy outfits. Example:

-Simple tank tops or t'shirts

-Sneakers or flats

-A tote bag full of color pencils, brushes, pencils, paints and all that kind of stuff

-My blackberry was my best friendand just because the music

-And had no time even to go to the salon, so I was constantly with a messy bun

-But despite all these things always wore makeup because the product of many hours without sleep I had (and have) dark circles. But not a lot of makeup was always simple, just my regular upper black eyeliner, EM base, a lip balm and sometimes blush.

Now, after those weeks I feel if I need some time for myself. :)

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A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets.

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted blazer
Thrifted bag
Jessica Simpson shoes
Flower necklaces I think I bought it in 2009 christmas
F21 bangles and rings

I don't really like this picture of my face, but I only posted it because I wanted to show you guys the makeup I've been wearing, I've been obsessed with orange lipcolor. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw a tweet talking about this color. I don't really own any orange lipstick so I'll be doing a post to show you a quick trick I did to get this lip color.

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