They can cut all the flowers, but they can not stop the spring..

Hey guys! These are some pictures of my last outfit. Assumes that in countries where there are seasons it's spring already (I think, if i'm not wrong), but here we are feeling the warmth of summer, mornings and evenings are warm, but sometimes goes into a sudden heat that makes you wanna walk naked, lol.

I've been thinking to sign up in a gym for my health and my belly flab, I love eating fast food, candies and desserts, but I HATE exercising, I don't like sports or any kind of thing that makes me move, lol! I'm pretty lazy. Anyways, I'm not unconfortable with my body as it was before when I was way too skinny (seemed anorexic, but that's another story I'll write in other post), well my belly was flat in those times and now it's not, so I will love to have that belly back.

I want to join a gym also because I want to tone up and do something good for my health.

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted shirt
Thrifted high waisted shorts
Thifted bag
F21 cross earrings
F21 rings
Sunglasses - a gift from a friend

oops! forgot to take out the flip flop of this one :p

 Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥

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