Sometimes you gotta listen to your brain just to save your heart.

I love this quote, it's the truth because in our love life many situations happen and you don't know what to do. Everytime I had to make a decision I didn't know if go by what my conscience told me or what my heart told me; I used to follow my heart no matter what, but it never helped me at all, and with that I'm not telling you it's gonna be the same for ya. Simply I mean that no matter what decision you're trying to make if you ask something to your heart (literally) it will always say yes, because your heart it's patience and kind, not see the consequences and will paint you a fairy tail. This is not bad, but sometimes reach a point and you realize it's not enough. However, your conscience or brain (whatever) will always tell you everything exactly how it is with no struggles.

 Every now and then make the right decision and listen to your brain, because sometimes you know the right choice, but the thing it's that you're are just too afraid to find out what will happens and move on.

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