My new beauty routine

I got these babies 8 days ago and i'm so happy. I 'll do a review of each having one month after using it to so see the difference, because I can not say much of them having only eight days of use. 

I bought the acne line, even if I don't have that much acne all over my face I have combination skin I get pimples on my forehead and a few spots, but sometimes, mostly before the period it gets really bad on my forhead and my chin. 

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-Oil-free acne wash: OMG! This removes dirt even makeup and leaves the skin soft.

-Oil-free moisture (combination skin): Love this moisturizing because it's not sticky and leaves the skin soft, and the shine of my T zone go away. The only thing I dislike is that hasn't SPF, so I need to buy one to mix it.

-Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & fade toner: Fade Toner: leaves the skin smooth

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-Body clear body wash: I loveee this product i don't even know why i didn't buy this before, I like when a body wash leaves my skin soft and smooth, and I loveee the smell. 

I bought it because I read great reviews, and I have acne in my back, shoulders and chest, I've been fighting with this a long time ago, so I'm giving a try to see the result.

-Body clear body spray: I hope this be my solution to ALL the horrible blemishes in my back :'(

Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥
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