E.L.F haul!

I bought some products from elf most of them for working on other people makeup. The mom of a friend is a makeup artist she works in commercials and local events, so she need an assistant and my friend told her about me. Now I'm equipping for work with her yayy! I'm so excited I hope everything goes well.

Let get starter..

Studio Complete Coverage Concealer (dark), it a very creamy and blendable

Before using it clean the top 'cause has this disgusting oil

Studio Complete Coverage Concealer (light)

Has this ttiny brush, look this comparation with the regular eye shadow brush

eyelid primer and a quad they send me as a gift

swatch, on top with the primer, botton without

eyeliners, I LOVEEE the black eyeliner pen i use itt everyday

sorry for my horrible nail polish

forn L to R: twoo stipple brush, are amazinggg! -Powder brush -Compelxion brush -Blush brush, it's too small. All these brushes are very soft!

L to R: fan brush, bronzin brush, foundation brush
L to R: two blending brush, eye shadow brush, defining eye brush, lips brush.

Studio concealer + hightlider in glow-medium

Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥
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