They can cut all the flowers, but they can not stop the spring..

Hey guys! These are some pictures of my last outfit. Assumes that in countries where there are seasons it's spring already (I think, if i'm not wrong), but here we are feeling the warmth of summer, mornings and evenings are warm, but sometimes goes into a sudden heat that makes you wanna walk naked, lol.

I've been thinking to sign up in a gym for my health and my belly flab, I love eating fast food, candies and desserts, but I HATE exercising, I don't like sports or any kind of thing that makes me move, lol! I'm pretty lazy. Anyways, I'm not unconfortable with my body as it was before when I was way too skinny (seemed anorexic, but that's another story I'll write in other post), well my belly was flat in those times and now it's not, so I will love to have that belly back.

I want to join a gym also because I want to tone up and do something good for my health.

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted shirt
Thrifted high waisted shorts
Thifted bag
F21 cross earrings
F21 rings
Sunglasses - a gift from a friend

oops! forgot to take out the flip flop of this one :p

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Another beautiful tweet

 This is another goegeous tweet, I think it was via @EpicTweet I'm not sure.

HEY YOU, Yes (YOU!) stop being unhappy with yourself.
you are PERFECT.
Stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else.
Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you.
stop hating your body, your face, your personality your quirks. LOVE them.
Without those things, you wouldn't be you!
And why would you want to be anyone else???
Be confident with who you are. SMILE, it'll draw people in.
My happiness will not depend on others anymore.
I'm happy because I LOVE who I am. I LOVE my flaws. I LOVE my imperfections.
They make me, ME.. And (ME) Is pretty fucking amazing! Smile..

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Poly vore

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past..

What I'm wearing?
Thrifted tank top
Thrifted shorts
Thrifted bag
F21 hat and oxfords
F21 ring and bangles

I must ay i've been buying a lots of things from thrift stores, lol, coming soon i'll be posting a ''collecting haul'' from thifted clothes and bags I bought the past few months.

Look at this beautiful star which has this horse. :)

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Try me kit from EM

I wanted to try everyday minerals products, as you know they have lots of colors, so I ordered the try me kit (in TAN) to find my perfect shade. You can order it online for free at their website you only pay for the shipping. They have seven different kits that will arrive with 5 different shades and formula.

The name of every sample kit:
 For ivory to light complexions.

For those with very fair to ivory complexions

 Medium to tan complexions

Tan to dark complexions

I only paid $3.08 for shipping

Natural light with flash. From L to R:

-Light tan (original glo base), It has a sheer and luminous glow formula.

-Medium tan (semi matte base)

-Buttered tan (intensive base), it's very matte

-Sandy medium (matte base), your face will look flawless in a natural way!

-Olive medium (semi matte base)

Natural light without flash.

As you can see which best matches my skin color are the second (medium tan) from left to right and the fourth (sandy medium)

Artificial light with flash

I used sandy medium, because between this and medium tan it matches my skintone better, as well the formula. I applied olive mediun as a redness concealer, and buttered tan as under eyes concealer. 

But first I moisturize my skin and applied the product with the blush brush from E.L.F

I want to order my full size base as soon as I get the money.
Hope you liked this post.

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A day at the beach..

The pictures don't have the best quality because were taken by a cellphone cam.

What I'm wearing?
F21 nautical shorts
Thrifted blouse
F21 hat
F21 sunglasses

Look at my cheeks everytime I get a tan I got this lighter color on it, ugh! thank God after a few weeks gets back to normal or so, well not exactly, but It gets better. In case that happens to you my trick is to apply a darker foundation on that area.

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My new beauty routine

I got these babies 8 days ago and i'm so happy. I 'll do a review of each having one month after using it to so see the difference, because I can not say much of them having only eight days of use. 

I bought the acne line, even if I don't have that much acne all over my face I have combination skin I get pimples on my forehead and a few spots, but sometimes, mostly before the period it gets really bad on my forhead and my chin. 

L to R
-Oil-free acne wash: OMG! This removes dirt even makeup and leaves the skin soft.

-Oil-free moisture (combination skin): Love this moisturizing because it's not sticky and leaves the skin soft, and the shine of my T zone go away. The only thing I dislike is that hasn't SPF, so I need to buy one to mix it.

-Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & fade toner: Fade Toner: leaves the skin smooth

 L to R
-Body clear body wash: I loveee this product i don't even know why i didn't buy this before, I like when a body wash leaves my skin soft and smooth, and I loveee the smell. 

I bought it because I read great reviews, and I have acne in my back, shoulders and chest, I've been fighting with this a long time ago, so I'm giving a try to see the result.

-Body clear body spray: I hope this be my solution to ALL the horrible blemishes in my back :'(

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Sometimes you gotta listen to your brain just to save your heart.

I love this quote, it's the truth because in our love life many situations happen and you don't know what to do. Everytime I had to make a decision I didn't know if go by what my conscience told me or what my heart told me; I used to follow my heart no matter what, but it never helped me at all, and with that I'm not telling you it's gonna be the same for ya. Simply I mean that no matter what decision you're trying to make if you ask something to your heart (literally) it will always say yes, because your heart it's patience and kind, not see the consequences and will paint you a fairy tail. This is not bad, but sometimes reach a point and you realize it's not enough. However, your conscience or brain (whatever) will always tell you everything exactly how it is with no struggles.

 Every now and then make the right decision and listen to your brain, because sometimes you know the right choice, but the thing it's that you're are just too afraid to find out what will happens and move on.

Pictures via except for the first one.

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Floral print heels..

What I'm wearing?
F21 leggings
Trifted blouse
F21 shoes
Thrifted bag
Stradivarius belt
Stradivarius heart ring
F21 turquoise ring

You got to know how to manage yourself before you can manage others.-via @TweetMoveOn

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