Hello there! I found this beautiful tweet via @EpicTweets_  and thought it was too beautiful to pass up. 
So there's this girl I know
she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen
when she walks, everyone seems to follow
when she talks, everyone seems to listen
when she smiles, the world stop
when she sings, people look around for an angel
but this girl
this amazing girl
she is confused
she doesn't know where she is going to
--> end up
she is afraid
of what might happen
but she does not know
how amazing she truly is
look in the mirror

there she is <3  Smile

I loved this tweet because all it says is the truth. I always love to give this advice to people '' Be confident believe in yourself, everything is posible. Always say to yourself I am beautiful the way I am''

Until next post,
xo Jacdami♥

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