A little holiday haul

My sisters and I made my mom a surprise purchase, a few weeks ago we made the order and arrived december 31 (just in time, lol), I remember when we came home with the clothes my mom was saying ''oh what I'm gonna wear tonight'' (obviously in spanish xD) and alsa she was designing a dress for my sister and I, you know were all the fabrics around the bed. My sisters and I went directly to the room screaming SUSPRISEEE!! with the clothes in the hand, woohooo! she was very, very excited and happy. 

We spend $102.96 and I found a coupon (  sorry10   )  10%off in the order. We bought 2 dresses and 4 tops. I bought for me this:

Floral print flats that looks like oxfords $18.80 / $16.92

readers charm necklace $1.50 / $1.35
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