A little makeup haul

Revlon matte lipstick in ''strawberry suede'' the color in person is very vibrant!, I'm inlove with this color :p

This color is a little coral

Hot pink

LA. colors nude lipstick, is not a great color for me is too white

Two blushes:
L, is a really beautiful coral
R, a peachy color

Face wipe and mascara

L, with mascara / R, without mascara

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xoxo, Jacdami♥

Vivian's Birthday♥

 A few days ago was the birthday of Vivian, I met this girl almost three years ago and since then we've been good friends. Oh crap! how can't i be friend of her, lol! c'mon the girl has heart and is super sweet! :p I just love her, Happy 18th birthday again! :D♥♥

Now the outfit:
What I'm wearing?
Floral dress - F21
Bamboo boots (size 8) - Gojane
Cross ring - F21
Earrings - Givenchy

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xo, Jacdami♥

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Today is the best day to spend moments with the family. It's all about joy, share, laugh, love and live. It's about giving and receiving. So for once, just for once live every second of the day having amazing moments with the people you love to remember them as the best moments of your life, because over time are the ones you'll remember. 

Feliz Navidad!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
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xoxo, Jacdami♥


This was an outfit I wore after work.

What I'm wearing?
All is from F21 except for the white t'shirt and the bag.

To be without dreams is to be without hope, to be without hope is to be without purpose.

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xo, Jacdami♥

I'm not the mail girl

I wore this outfit for a photoshoot, except that I forgot the hat and the ringss! ughh! I was so mad at me because of that, but when i get home my lovely sister did me the favor to took me some pictures for my blog and show you the whole outfit (how was supposed to be) and the makeup. I know has been a lot since the last time I made a makeup tutorial! :/ But my goals for 2011 is to write at least 5 post a week on teh blog, including makeup tutorial, outfit and random topics (maybe about love), I promise! :)

So, here is the outfit...
What I¡m wearing?
Dress from a charity sale $20 pesos ($0.50)
F21 shoes
F21 hat
F21 rings

Black Friday haul part 2 and Cyber monday from Forever 21

First thing I need to say I am not rich or anything, I'm just a middle class girl who likes fashion and enjoys shopping. I had been  working and saving money for these days because I knew there would be many deals. Everything purchased here was with my sister's money and mine, because we have the same sizes, we both love the same styles and we also share clothes.
They had a special discount, you buy one and the second you got it for free (obviously the cheapest).
1- Heart tights $5.80
2- Minnie muse tights $4.80 
3- Mustard thights $3.50

1- Original price $7.99 but for buying the other short was for FREE! so I couldn't say no for this baby
2- Denim shorts $8.99
 From L to R: 
- Leopard mini skirt $9.80
- Red skirt $11.80
- Black skirt, original price $7 / FREE! 

Floral dress $14.80

The same dress in other color $14.80

Blue woven dress, original price: $19.99 / FREE!

Left -This lovely dress just for $19.99
Right - Lame dress $15.80 This is NOT a lame dress is a black dress with the metallic leopard printed

Long slv lace top $8.80

Teal sweater with lace in the back , original price $12.99 / FREE!

Floral ruched top $9.80

Two piece shirt $19.99

Light grey puff slv top $14.99

The same top in a darker color for free!

Left - $7.80
Right - $7.80

basic mustard top $4.80

Ringstones top, original size $12.99 / FREE!

Leopard print top $12.80

Ruched top $12.99

Teal tunic, original price $10.99 / FREE!

$15.99 each

Jeans $7.00

Jeggings $6.00

This oxfords reminds me mickey mouse lol!!

Suedette slouchy anke boots $12.00

Sequin beret $8.80

Leopard sunglasses $5.80

 I LOVEEE all the items in forever 21 but what i like most are their accessories
1- $5.80
2- $4.80
3- $1.50

Turquoise drop earrings $4.80

1- bow ring $2.80 size 8
2- $1.50 size 7
3- $4.80 size 8 is a little too big for me

1- heart ring $2.80 size 7
2-  love letters ring $2.80 size 8
3- black heart ring $3.80 size 7

I forgot to take the pictures of two items, one nail polish and a fedora hat!

Hope you enjoy this haul and thanks for visiting my blog.

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xo Jacdami♥