Another outfit

What I'm wearing?
Boohoo dress
DIY sailor headband
forever 21 sweeter tights

Forever 21 haul

Hey guys! Like two weeks ago I placed an order at forever 21, and finally is here! 

Shorts  $7.99  size: x-small
1- front / 2- back

Basic knit skirt $6.80  size: small

Ankle shoes $19.84 (daily special)  size: 8

All over sequin beret $4.50

Connector ring $4.80  size: ML

3 sunglasses $5.80 each

Subtotal: $61.33 
+ tax: $4.30
Total: $65.63

Very great deals! lol
This was after Blackfriday and cybermonday, more hauls are coming from forever 21 and ELF cosmetics. I placed four orders in forever and one in elf!

Hope you like it!
Untill next post, xoxo♥

Vintage Prada bag

Hello guys! A friend from my mom sent me this vintage prada bag, I don't even know if it's authentic I just know I love itt! :D

What I'm wearing?
Blouse - Express
Velvet skirt - Made by my mom, out of a blouse
Leopard booties - Gojane
Lace socks - Forever 21
accessories - random


Until next post! xoxo
Happy Holidays! :)♥

A lot of sequins

Last saturday I went to the opening of the store from a friend, and the night was so nice, everything was fine. She's only 19 years old and has her own store, she started this project as a dream and now the dream came true, damn it! I call this persevere. We must never stop dreaming about something, even if you think is the craziest thing, because you'll never know if could come true. Keep your mind positive and positives things will happens, life is a gift so be thankful.

I wore this beautiful sequin top I used as a dress. My neighbor gave it to my mom and I literally stole it! LOL! is size large but with a belt looks pretty well!

From left to right: Edward, Me, Noelia (the store owner) and Emely

 This pictures were taken at the disco! :)

Some pictures don't have the best resolution, sorry! :s

Btw I have bangs! :)

Hope you liked it! 
Untill next post, xoxo♥ 

Oversized hoodie?

I named the title like that 'cause not even know how you would call this ''top'' or whatever it is. This was another outfit I wore for school. Probably you're wonder, if is not too warm for a tropical country, but no because lately it's rainning in mornings, so it's ok! :)

What I'm wearing?
''oversized hoodie'' - Zara
leopard tights - forever 21
owl necklace - forever 21
sneakers - boohoo