DIY your own graphic t-shirt..

Materials you need
1- Any blank basic t-shirt
2- Two printed images in ''high contrast'' (is an image in which we find "Black" deep, and "White" very enlightened)
3- A plastic sheet to make the stencil (I don't know how it's called) but you can find it in some books
4- Paint brushes
5- A scalpel
6- Tape
...This babies will make the magic :p


1- put tape all over the seet in the blank spaces.
1-  Put tape all over the sheet in the blank spaces
2- Cover it with the plastic

1- Start cutting all the black (don't worry for the smaller pieces you can draw it)

2- See how easy it is! :D

1- Put a cardboard, a book or something that you can support under the t-shirt
2- Then put tape all over the corners of your stencil

Note: before start painting in your t-shirt, make a test in a plane paper with any kind of paint

1- Start painting the corners...
2- ...then draw the details, and fill the spaces

I  also write her name! :D

And you are donee! :)

Here's the picture I printed :) you can do this with any pictures!

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Audrey +Leopard

Hey guys, I didn't have time to write this post, 'cause I've been very busy with school, I had and still have so much work to do, so many drawings.

The pictures were taken the last sunday. I was helping my sister's bff in a homework for english class, I had to take her some pictures with differents outfits. We went to ''La zona colonial'' (colonial zone -I don't even know if I can traslate that, lol). Anyways, how I said we went to this gorgeous place, and the sun was extremely bright, Goshhh! when I was taking the pictures to the girls my legs and my feets were burninggg! I mean ittt!, I was sweating too much!! hahhaha!. We spend like 4 hours there, then we went to an art exhibition but I was so tired and it's was very hot, so I take off my blazer and my shoes, lol!

So, here are the pictures.

What I'm wearing?
Vintage leopard blazer - From my mom (I wish I had all the clothes of my mom in her old times :p lol)
Audrey Hepburn t-shirt - Made by myself, I'll be doing a DIY post 
Hearts tights - forever 21
Shoes - payless

You see my eyes in this pictures, and realize how bright they look because the sunshine! lol

Hope you liked it! 
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I'm not a mind reader, so tell me what do you think and what you feel.*

Hey guyss, how you've been?? if you're wondering I've been really good, lol. So today is another outfit for school, this post has too much pictures, I know, but the thing is that I liked all of them, lol! As always the pictures are taken by my beautiful and lovely sister (click to see her lookbook and chictopia). 

Did you liked the quote!? Was taken  from a twitter user, those who only tweets quotes (I follow many of them ^.^''). If we could read minds that'll be the best thing in the world :D

What I'm wearing?
Off the shoulder top - ZARA
Knit skirt - made by my mom
Shoulder bag - Forever 21
Black necklace with the circle and the bracelet - Givenchy
The other necklace - Nine West jewelry
Cross ring - Forever 21
Snake and leon ring - Gojane
Chain headpiece - made by me

''Time doesn't heal everything, It's what we learn during the given time, wich heals.''

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No soy esa chica que conociste una vez,
No soy la que te amó algun día,
No soy aquella estupida que una vez lloro por ti.
No soy ni seré débil nunca mas, porque ahora que pasó el tiempolo comprendo: nunca fuiste mío y nunca lo serás. =/

The sky was beautiful!! :D

Come like shadows...

DYI your drawing folder..

Hey guys as you know I'm an advertising student, so there are many classes were I need to bring drawings in big papers and, obviously you need something to carry them.

Here is the drawing folder I made, the steps and the materials.

-The base of your folder, can be cardboard or other material (I don't know the name of the one I used :s )
-Glue gun
-Scrapbooking sheets
-And all you wanna put in your folder :p

Select a theme or something that inspired you, and print some pictures and quotes. In my case I was inpired by Audrey Hepburn :).

Placed the images and phrases as you like and stick them. Decorate with the buttons and the other accesories.

Make two holes in the center on the superior side (in each part of the folder)

Introduce the ribbon through the holes and make a bow.

Close the folder with some clips and you're finished.. :)