Crochet beret!

I made this 3 or 4 months ago, I was only trying and look how cute came out ^.^'... I've never taken crochet classes, I guided it from a tutorial on youtube. At first time I was like ''wtF! =O, I will do this?!??'' but then I saw that was easily... I hope you like it and below are the link in case you wanna try as I did. =]♥

(this pictures were taken to join to, and guess what? I haven't an invitation yet, can you believe that?!, damnn! is so frustrated to mee! :'( I really wanna join it)

PLAYLIST 1-5 crochet beret

This girl explain much better how to make the MAGIC CIRCLE (is to start the hat ;)

P.S: I'm making another one in red! yayy! I'm so exciting =D

My new necklaces <33

This is the best way to recycle things! everything used in these necklaces are recycled, the roses were made with old clothes and had holes, fabric scraps, the button from another old shirt, fake pearl beads from a broken necklace and vice versa, the only thing that was purchased was the chain... I hope you like it =]♥ xox

I love how it looks, looks glamorous and fab! I'm in love with them <33 aren't you?! lol ^.^'

This one is not finish yet!

P.S: pictures were taken with my cellphone cam, that's why haven't a great quality

Elite Model Look

That was the best experience I ever had. I was just 15 years old, a petite and skinny girl who only measured 5'4, I was a bit immature and full of desire to gain experience in modeling (despite my height that was very little to become model). I made many friend there, older than me and few were my age or a year older.

I can say that with my experience in the contest, I matured a
lot because the photoshoots were in different places away from my mom (I must confess, I didn't liked to being away from my mom), and I was very, very shy (I still being so, but not quite, not like before), I was embarrassed to talk to people who did not know (that scared me a lot).

I won the second medal photogenic category and I was SOOOO EXCITING in the moment.

P.S: If you see in all the pictures my mouth swollen is because I had braces lol =D

5 Men who left us breathless in 2009

Jesse Metcalfe
The actor chosen as the most attractive of the world by People magazine. Seduces his thousands followers from ''desperate housewives'' as an outfielder... Yum! he's so sexy.

Gerald Butler
His charm and sex-appeal makes any woman go crazy, you saw him in romantic and funny role with Katherine Heigl (ugly truth) .

Zac Efron
Since he appeared in high school musical he become a celebrity and that's not all, with his beautiful blue eyes, charm smile and his modern hairstyle he become to be the sexiest teen actor in Hollywood and we won't stop talking about ZAC EFRON in years

Robert Pattinson
Since the vampires become fashionable, the protagonist of Twilight also has increasingly become the man that many women would like to marry and was elected this year as the sexiest man in the world by Glamor magazine. (OMGSHH! this man makes me go crazyyy! he is not the perfect kind of man we all want, he's weird and absolutely SEXY)

Taylor Lautner
His success in ''twilight new moon'' and his sexy body makes him had millions teen girls fan... (personally he is not enough to me, I think he's ugly just has a sexy body).


In my house are two cameras and both are damaged is so awful to me, because I can't do my tutorials and even make reviews of the products I buy :@ is so frustrating to me, and I always forget to go to a store to fix them :s

''Singleness is a tendency in rise''

I found an article titled ''Singleness is a tendency in rise'' and said that ''not being married at age 30 today is a trend that is increasing'' and and happens to women who are very focused at work, wants, in first time be financially stable and then get marry and have children, but you know what, personally I don't believe in having richness first I think the happiness comes first. I said before that didn't want children and not even get marry but over the years I realize that I really wanna get marry before 25 years old and also have children that is the purpose why we are here, to procreate, and is so beautiful when you see a couple with the woman pregnant is such a beautiful and excited scene. You know which is my biggest fear?, being single or being alone the rest of my life, I hope that never happen to me, 'cause I wanna have a reason to live.. =]♥

So what about you, at what age you wanna get marry?

10 Ways to Live Like a Supermodel‏ (InStyle magazine) <33

Don't Be Impulsive When It Comes to Your Hair

Power Walk in Stilettos

Skip Makeup—But Never Leave Home Without Sunglasses

(personally I NEVER go out without my sunglasses =] )

Be Your Own Seamstress

Switch Your Scent Midday

Leave Your Hair Slightly Damp

Pose For Pictures Like a Pro

Skip Foundation (Use Three Concealers Instead)

Travel With Healthy Snacks

Wanna read the whole article?
clic here:,,20310636_20304630_20670330,00.html

Yes, I confess...

...I'm addicted to catalog shopping, my aunt sells avon-mark and l'ebel-cyzone and I spend every month around $1,400 pesos (is equal around $38 dollars) ONLY in avon-mark, l'bel-cyzone products, is this normal for a girl that doesn't have a job yet!?, damnnn! that is too much for me :S and I still buying it! Gosh why is so difficult to me just say ''NOOO JACDAMI MINAYA!!'' ... I am a shopaholic and that's bad =S

Cuanto duran los productos de Maquillaje

¿Después de cuanto tiempo hay que descartar los productos de maquillaje? Tal como los productos alimenticios y las medicinas los productos de bellezas y maquillaje también tienen limitaciones. Continua abajo

El problema es que no hay estándares internacionales, en Europa hay unos y en USA otros.

A continuación los estándares de USA con notas basadas en nuestras investigaciones:

Nota: En climas calientes y húmedo
s los productos duran menos. Si deseas que te duren mas no los guardes en el baño o en otro lugar con humedad y si deseas puedes aun guardarlos en la refrigeradora. No los toques con las manos sucias o mojadas.

Mascara. La mascara dura de 3 a 6 meses. Este es el producto con el cual hay que tener mas cuidado. Esto se debe a que tiene una base de agua donde las bacterias crecen más rápido y a que la varita para aplicar esta constantemente transmitiendo las bacterias que todos tenemos en las pestañas al producto. También es el producto de maquillaje que no debes de compartir con amigas.

Base y correctores
Tiene una vida de 18 meses. Tal como la mascara tiene una base de agua. Evita tocar el frasco, ponte un poco en la palma de la mano sin tocar la piel y usa tus dedos, esponjas o pinceles para aplicarlos.

Polvos sueltos. Debido a que no tienen agua estos pueden durar por varios años.

Sombras en polvo. Varios años

Sombras en crema o liquidas. De 12 a 18 meses.

Lápices de labios. Debido a que tienen cera duran aproximadamente tres años. Si dejas de usarlos o alguien mas los usa sácales punta para descarar lo contaminado.

Crayón de labios. De dos a tres años

Brillo labial. 18 meses, tienen agua y se contaminan al aplicarlos en los labios.

: También importante es mantener los pinceles y las esponjas limpios. Si notas que le producto no huele bien o ha cambiado de color es preferible no usarlo.

La diferencia entre una mujer inmadura y una mujer madura

Las mujeres inmaduras quieren controlar al hombre en sus vidas.
Las mujeres maduras, saben que si el hombre es realmente suyo, no hay necesidad de control.

Las mujeres inmaduras te gritan porque no las llamas.
Las mujeres maduras están demasiado ocupadas y solo se limitan a decirles con poemas y mensajes dulces que la recuerdes.

Las mujeres inmaduras monopolizan el tiempo de su hombre.
Las mujeres maduras se dan cuenta de que un poco de espacio, hace del tiempo juntos algo mas especial.

Las mujeres inmaduras no perdonan y se castigan y castigan por el rencor.
Las mujeres maduras perdonan, ofrecen su hombro y un pañuelo.

Las mujeres inmaduras tienen miedo de estar solas.
Las mujeres maduras lo utilizan como tiempo para su crecimiento personal.

Las mujeres inmaduras ignoran a los buenos hombres.
Las mujeres maduras ignoran a los malos.

Las mujeres inmaduras lastimadas por un hombre, hacen que todos los hombres paguen por eso.
Las mujeres maduras saben que fue sólo un hombre y nada màs.

Las mujeres inmaduras se enamoran y persiguen sin descanso.
Las mujeres maduras saben que algunas veces el que tu amas, te amará y si no continúan su camino sin rencor.

Las mujeres inmaduras te hacen que vuelvas a casa.
Las mujeres maduras hacen que quieras siempre volver a casa.

Las mujeres inmaduras dejan su agenda abierta y esperan a que su hombre hable para hacer planes.

Las mujeres maduras hacen sus planes y cariñosamente notifican a los hombres para que ellos se integren como mejor les convenga.