The phrase ''I love you'' is losing it's value...

Lately ppl are saying the words ''I love you'' as if nothing, as if it had any value. I say this because every time I read the tweets, status on facebook and the nicks and personal msgs on my blackberry msn of ppl that only have ONE, TWO or THREE months in a relationship are saying the words I LOVE YOU is hilarious! Damn it! you must know the difference between ''I like you'' and ''I love you'' (I don't know if you know what I mean, crap! in spanish is easier because for both meanings of the word are different phrases) whatever! the point is that the phraser is losing it's value...

But, what really means these words??
 Love means having strong feelings for someone who can be a friend, family or even someone in a romantic relationship. Love is a strong feeling that represents the affection for someone.

The true meaning of love is in the word "unconditional." Loving someone through their flaws and all.

Love is finding the beauty in ourself, and find another to embrace it. No matter how strange beauty can be in the other one.

Loving someone is to trust giving your heart and all your feelings to X person and not be concerned that X person breaks your heart.

Therefore, think before you say I love you, think if that is the correct phrase you want to use, so it does not lose its true meaning.

  Until next post.. xo, Jacdami♥
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