I'm not a mind reader, so tell me what do you think and what you feel.*

Hey guyss, how you've been?? if you're wondering I've been really good, lol. So today is another outfit for school, this post has too much pictures, I know, but the thing is that I liked all of them, lol! As always the pictures are taken by my beautiful and lovely sister (click to see her lookbook and chictopia). 

Did you liked the quote!? Was taken  from a twitter user, those who only tweets quotes (I follow many of them ^.^''). If we could read minds that'll be the best thing in the world :D

What I'm wearing?
Off the shoulder top - ZARA
Knit skirt - made by my mom
Shoulder bag - Forever 21
Black necklace with the circle and the bracelet - Givenchy
The other necklace - Nine West jewelry
Cross ring - Forever 21
Snake and leon ring - Gojane
Chain headpiece - made by me

''Time doesn't heal everything, It's what we learn during the given time, wich heals.''

Hope you liked it, and follow me It's FREE! :D
'till next post, xoxo♥
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