DYI your drawing folder..

Hey guys as you know I'm an advertising student, so there are many classes were I need to bring drawings in big papers and, obviously you need something to carry them.

Here is the drawing folder I made, the steps and the materials.

-The base of your folder, can be cardboard or other material (I don't know the name of the one I used :s )
-Glue gun
-Scrapbooking sheets
-And all you wanna put in your folder :p

Select a theme or something that inspired you, and print some pictures and quotes. In my case I was inpired by Audrey Hepburn :).

Placed the images and phrases as you like and stick them. Decorate with the buttons and the other accesories.

Make two holes in the center on the superior side (in each part of the folder)

Introduce the ribbon through the holes and make a bow.

Close the folder with some clips and you're finished.. :)

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