DIY your own graphic t-shirt..

Materials you need
1- Any blank basic t-shirt
2- Two printed images in ''high contrast'' (is an image in which we find "Black" deep, and "White" very enlightened)
3- A plastic sheet to make the stencil (I don't know how it's called) but you can find it in some books
4- Paint brushes
5- A scalpel
6- Tape
...This babies will make the magic :p


1- put tape all over the seet in the blank spaces.
1-  Put tape all over the sheet in the blank spaces
2- Cover it with the plastic

1- Start cutting all the black (don't worry for the smaller pieces you can draw it)

2- See how easy it is! :D

1- Put a cardboard, a book or something that you can support under the t-shirt
2- Then put tape all over the corners of your stencil

Note: before start painting in your t-shirt, make a test in a plane paper with any kind of paint

1- Start painting the corners...
2- ...then draw the details, and fill the spaces

I  also write her name! :D

And you are donee! :)

Here's the picture I printed :) you can do this with any pictures!

Hope you liked it, and if so is, follow me to see more future DIY post
Until next post , xoxo:*

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