To the beach

I love going to the beach and the last week I had such a wonderful day in ''Juan Dolio'' Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, localized in the Caribbean :)

This is my lil' sister, please visit her lookbook she has an amazing style :) she's bigger thta me on lookbook lol! :p .. I love her♥

Outfit of the day for school! :)

My haul!

Mineral foundation, is a little too light to me but is ok because I bought the finishing powder in dark wich is too dark to me. For me is very hard to find a foundation that match my skintone.

BH cosmetics 120 palette, 2nd edition
In the swatches: on top with an eye shadow primer

I'm going to do many tutorials with this palette :D

On the right mineral power finishing veil, bronzer
On the left mineral power finishing vei, dark

Dream mousse concealer in medium beige (2.5)
This product works pretty well to me :)

Pretty little liars

Hellooo theree, I want to share with you what I think about this serie and what can I say, I'M INLOVEEEE! omgshh!, I love it because is suspense and with every episode I watch I want to see more and moree because I can't get enough, and I'm always wondering WHO'S the killerrrr!! hahahhaha!, I don't know I think Alison is alive and she is just playing with the girls because she's a bitchhhh!! hahahahah!. So if you like this serie don't be shy, feel free to comment and tell me who do you think is the the killer, and also if you are with me with my theory :)


Hey guys, soon I'll be posting a haul and I'm so excited, 2 weeks ago I bought online some beauty products and my cameraaaa! awww!! can't wait to show you guys, I'll be reviewing:

Maybelline mimeral power natural perfecting FoundationMaybelline mineral power finishing veil in dark and bronzer

Mayebelline dream mousse concealer

BH cosmetics 120 palette, 2nd edition

ANDDDD my new cameraaa! finallyy!! photography is one of my passion!!!! :D, but I need to buy the memory card, because I forget it when I placed the orderr :(