A moment of inspiration..

I am not fake, even less superficial. I'm more real and transparent than any other person. I know you can trust me, but I'm not sure if I can trust you. I'm a really sensitive person, but if you try to bring me down, I won't be down, because I swear I'll be the strongest girl in the world, and I'll show you, you got the wrong person. Then you'll realize that you lost your time. I can be a very good person, but if you bother me, you'll meet my bad side. I'm unpredictable, uncontrollable, impulsive, direct, complicated, realistic and optimist. If you talk shit about me, I don't care, because you're are another asshole trying to feel better with yourself while you bother others, so, you know what? I know who I am, I have confidence in myself and that's something you won't ever be and have.* By me, Jacdami Minaya =]


(This picture remember me Little Miss Sunshine lol)

(This was my outfit for college)
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