''Singleness is a tendency in rise''

I found an article titled ''Singleness is a tendency in rise'' and said that ''not being married at age 30 today is a trend that is increasing'' and and happens to women who are very focused at work, wants, in first time be financially stable and then get marry and have children, but you know what, personally I don't believe in having richness first I think the happiness comes first. I said before that didn't want children and not even get marry but over the years I realize that I really wanna get marry before 25 years old and also have children that is the purpose why we are here, to procreate, and is so beautiful when you see a couple with the woman pregnant is such a beautiful and excited scene. You know which is my biggest fear?, being single or being alone the rest of my life, I hope that never happen to me, 'cause I wanna have a reason to live.. =]♥

So what about you, at what age you wanna get marry?
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