Elite Model Look

That was the best experience I ever had. I was just 15 years old, a petite and skinny girl who only measured 5'4, I was a bit immature and full of desire to gain experience in modeling (despite my height that was very little to become model). I made many friend there, older than me and few were my age or a year older.

I can say that with my experience in the contest, I matured a
lot because the photoshoots were in different places away from my mom (I must confess, I didn't liked to being away from my mom), and I was very, very shy (I still being so, but not quite, not like before), I was embarrassed to talk to people who did not know (that scared me a lot).

I won the second medal photogenic category and I was SOOOO EXCITING in the moment.

P.S: If you see in all the pictures my mouth swollen is because I had braces lol =D
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