Crochet beret!

I made this 3 or 4 months ago, I was only trying and look how cute came out ^.^'... I've never taken crochet classes, I guided it from a tutorial on youtube. At first time I was like ''wtF! =O, I will do this?!??'' but then I saw that was easily... I hope you like it and below are the link in case you wanna try as I did. =]♥

(this pictures were taken to join to, and guess what? I haven't an invitation yet, can you believe that?!, damnn! is so frustrated to mee! :'( I really wanna join it)

PLAYLIST 1-5 crochet beret

This girl explain much better how to make the MAGIC CIRCLE (is to start the hat ;)

P.S: I'm making another one in red! yayy! I'm so exciting =D

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