5 Men who left us breathless in 2009

Jesse Metcalfe
The actor chosen as the most attractive of the world by People magazine. Seduces his thousands followers from ''desperate housewives'' as an outfielder... Yum! he's so sexy.

Gerald Butler
His charm and sex-appeal makes any woman go crazy, you saw him in romantic and funny role with Katherine Heigl (ugly truth) .

Zac Efron
Since he appeared in high school musical he become a celebrity and that's not all, with his beautiful blue eyes, charm smile and his modern hairstyle he become to be the sexiest teen actor in Hollywood and we won't stop talking about ZAC EFRON in years

Robert Pattinson
Since the vampires become fashionable, the protagonist of Twilight also has increasingly become the man that many women would like to marry and was elected this year as the sexiest man in the world by Glamor magazine. (OMGSHH! this man makes me go crazyyy! he is not the perfect kind of man we all want, he's weird and absolutely SEXY)

Taylor Lautner
His success in ''twilight new moon'' and his sexy body makes him had millions teen girls fan... (personally he is not enough to me, I think he's ugly just has a sexy body).

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