Mujer Unica magazine!

This is me! =]

My nail polishes collection and storage!

Gosh! I must confess that was a time on my life when I was 13 years old that I was obsessed with nail polishes and I painting my nail every 2 days and I'm not lying, I started to paint my nails at 8 years old with light and neutral colors like pink, beige or sometimes a french, and I had to wait until 13 to paint my nails with bright colors like red (which I loved it so much because that was the favorite nail color of my mom, and I remember that she painted my nail with a red nail polish just one day and that was because was the carnival and she dressed me up as a Gypsy girl and I was so cute, also I had my lips red).

So here is my nail polishes collection and storage:

Here I put my minis nail polishes and nail art

My base and top coat, glitters, neutral colors and liquid freeze

Pink, red and purple colors


Blue, black and Bright colors


Nail polishes haul and how I painted my nail today♥

I bought yesterday this 7 nail polishes and I'm really excited to try each one of them.
Form the left to right: -white nail art -midnight blue -grape purple -pink (looks like a red but is a bright pink) -light green -neon green -yellow

And this is the pallet.

This is how looks my nails today and that green is so pretty I love it! =]

My eyes are an ocean in wich my dreams are reflected =]♥ <33

Do you wanna try?:
1- an eye primer
2- a golden eyeshadow to the inner lid and corner
3- an aqua eyeshadow to the center lid (just a little)
4- an blue eyeshadow to outer lid
5- blending all
6- a shimmering eyeshadow under the brow bone
7- black eyeliner to the waterline
8- liquid eyeliner and line the upper lashline
9- black mascara

Leopard print nails! =]♥ <33

This is how I painted my nails today, I think that looks amazing... I was trying to do a tutorial but I don't know what happens to my movie maker (don't want to edit videos! :S) so if you like it comment, follow me here and also if you want on twitter =]♥ (if you want to try search in youtube ''leopard print nails'' and you'll find a lot of tutorials)

[This is me with nO makeup hahah! I have the worst dark circles]

early Christmas Haul!! yayyy =]♥ <33

Now I'm ready for the university yayy!- Estoy lista para la universidad siii!!

6 t-shirts from mango bajito (this is a local brand from Dominican Republic)

this are the designs I bought - estos son los diseños que compre

a beautiful cardigan! yayyy! =]♥

1 tank top

2 tights

5 pair of shoes, I'm inlove with all of themmm!! awww! =]♥ <33

2 earrings

2 rings. If you look at the one is a colorful heart you can see that has broken :( because accidentally I sat in the bag where it was! :'( now I have to fix it.

2 necklace that comes with earrings I'm inlove with them

4 headbands. I love headbands because when I have a bad hair day I do a bun and use one and looks pretty good.

Do not use more than a week a nail polish...

Why!? is the answer:
because your nails are
gonna looks yellow or a little bit orange no matter what color you use.

To avoid this, before you paint your nails with the color you want ALWAYS use a base coat then apply the nail polish (also use a top coat to make your nails looking brighter), and REMEMBER to not use more than a week the same nail polish and you'll see the difference.




Also I apply my AVON nail expert liquid freeze quick nail dry.

And this is the result ''TARAA!!''**

What is ''IN'' now!

Sequin is SO ''IN'' right now, you can go to a store and you're gonna see a lot of clothes and accessories with! (personally i love this trend)... here I let you some stuff.. =]♥ <33