Makeup wish list ♥

I need to buy it more makeup and this is a little list of what i need right now~~

1- 120 FULL COLOR palette from eBay and is around $16.00 or $24.00 dollars

2- 88 warm colors palette form eBay

3- Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder (in sunkiss)

4- Revlon colorstay mineral mousse (in medium deep)

5- Revlon beyond natural skin matching (medium deep)

6- Revlon beyond natural smoothing primer

7- Revlon beyond natural concealer & highlighter (medium deep)

8- Cover girl mineral bronzer (in golden sunrise)

9- MARK Get Bright Hook Up Highlighter (in golden) [I saw this product in (MARK) for over 3 months ago and i keep waiting for it yet (cuz it hasn't come to the catalog of my country, arshh! :@ >.>)]

Also I need the complete mineral line from MAYBELLINE

Daddy bought me makeup!<3

I'm so exciting about the makeup that my father bought me on and i can't wait for having it, is not too much but i feel OK! lol ^.^' is good for now. So i let the picture of them =D

1- I decided to buy this foundation because everybody says that had a great coverage and also is similar to MAC foundation.

2- I buy this because i need a natural coverage for the morning, most because i'm gonna start college and I'm gonna study in the morning and i need to be natural and this is a great mineral foundation! =]
3- Gosh! i've been waiting for times for buy an eye shadow primer and I'd never had the opportunity (the money $$ lol ^.^'), and i'd make sure which to buy and i was undecided because there are two famous eye shadow primer that are too expensive, are the ''urban decay eye shadow primer potion'' and ''too faced shadow insurance'' and the price of both is $17.00 dollars and is TOO MUCH for a product that the amount is around 0.4 fl oz (is very little) but anyways the both product are AWESOME but i decided to buy the too faced i don't know why! :), maybe i should buy the urban decay too! lol but is gonna be later. So i recommended to use eye shadow primer because your shadow will stay all day long =]

i'm not feeling good at all :s

sometimes i feel like is LOVE is my priority, i feel alone and really strange, cuz i wonder if is natural that a 17 girl don't find someone to love yet :s, i know that i don't have to feel it like i do, but is hard to see a couple in a picture or in somewhere kissing, hugging each other and see that you're alone :S, and the hardest is listen romantic music =[ ** I know that that things should happen in due time and i don't have to worry about the future [but i do it]...I try to be strong about the problems in my life by putting a smile but sometimes i'm not strong enough to hide it :S, and i just talk with God and all i feel that he say is: ''everything will be OK'' [and i wish that happen]♥

In memory of Audrey Hepburn♥

For me she was the MOST beautiful woman EVER, with her perfect face (eyes-lips), perfect body, she had glamour, elegance, EVERYTHING!; was stunning in what she did, her last name had to be B.E.A.U.T.Y♥ 'cause she was not ONLY absolutely GORGEOUSSS she was humanitarian, i can say that I'm a BIGGG lover of her [rest in peace], i would liked to lived in her time 'cause for me she was a FASHION ICON (she died on January 20, 1993; and i was born in 21, 1992 :( )

The BOHO look: Bohemian style & Hippie chic fashion

All my life I've been obsessed about theses styles because i think are so different, you feel comfortable, and are SO chic!!, and i saw a girl with a metallic headband similar to Nicole Richie, and that was almost a year ago and still haven't found where to buy it :'( and i really wants one! =]

Confessions of a ''Barbie girl''.♥

A toda niña les encantaban las barbies, inO puedo negar ke era una barbie-hOlic!, tenia como 12 i aOra solo me kedan 2. Mientras jugaba con ellas imaginaba ke era una de ellas, y siempre soñaba con tener todas las ropas ke tenian ^.^' [imaginate siendo una niñiita teniia una imaginacion ufff gigantescaa], keria ser como una de ellas porke para mi eran perfectas (lol), hOy encontre una foto de dos modelos con un makillaje de barbie (de una promocion de MAC) ii empeze a buscar el tutORIAL i encontre uno PERFECTO ii nadaa empeze a tirarme fotos i salierOn unas chulisiimas, i nOse porke estOi emocionada con eias es ke kedarOnn tan bellass! awww! me encantan! BECAUSE I♥BARBIES!

My new passion~

I'm always doing new things, and now i find a new passion that i want to develop and is the MAKEUP, i don't know why, but the last days i just take my make up and started to play with the colors and started to take me pictures =D, and i thought that i could find on youtube some tutorials to do makeup, and i found some girls, and i thought: ''Omgsh! i could do that, and immediately i took my makeup and started =], and now i'm thinking to do a channel in youtube for do makeup tutorials and do so many things that i know how to do and many people don't know how to do it! =]