Finally are heree!<33

Ok this is the thing, at first time I was so excited about the products, but then when I opened the bag I was so disappointed because they sent me the mineral foundation in ''medium'' when I ordered in ''medium deep'' because my face is a bit yellowish and pale than my neck and arms, I was so frustrated about it and when I putted on my face i went to my sister and asked her if my face don't looked a little too light and she said ''no'' and i was like ''wtf!?, i feel like it is no my skin tone'', and she said that maybe the medium deep will be a little too dark for me, but it's ok for now then I'm gonna buy another one in medium deep

I bought this in ''golden caramel'' wich I think is a little light to me but not too much i'm gonna buy another one in ''toast'' to mix!

I am completely satisfied with this product is AMAZING, also they sent me a coupon yayy! ^.^'
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