Daddy bought me makeup!<3

I'm so exciting about the makeup that my father bought me on and i can't wait for having it, is not too much but i feel OK! lol ^.^' is good for now. So i let the picture of them =D

1- I decided to buy this foundation because everybody says that had a great coverage and also is similar to MAC foundation.

2- I buy this because i need a natural coverage for the morning, most because i'm gonna start college and I'm gonna study in the morning and i need to be natural and this is a great mineral foundation! =]
3- Gosh! i've been waiting for times for buy an eye shadow primer and I'd never had the opportunity (the money $$ lol ^.^'), and i'd make sure which to buy and i was undecided because there are two famous eye shadow primer that are too expensive, are the ''urban decay eye shadow primer potion'' and ''too faced shadow insurance'' and the price of both is $17.00 dollars and is TOO MUCH for a product that the amount is around 0.4 fl oz (is very little) but anyways the both product are AWESOME but i decided to buy the too faced i don't know why! :), maybe i should buy the urban decay too! lol but is gonna be later. So i recommended to use eye shadow primer because your shadow will stay all day long =]

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