Hello gorgeous! 

Let's talk about the dress every girl should have in her closet, yes, the famous "little black dress" is always going to be your best friend for when you don't know what to wear. Your allied on a date or a night out with your friends. Perfect to wear on your graduation, a great transition for a day-to-night. It's just the kind of dress you can use in any occasion. For me is the same as a white shirt, I call them both "the lifesavers"

Here's how I styled mine. Hope you guys like it :)

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¡Hola hermosas! 

Vamos a hablar sobre el vestido que cada chica debe tener en su armario, sí, el famoso "vestidito negro" siempre va a ser tu mejor amigo para cuando no sabes qué ponerte. Tu aliado en una cita o una noche de fiesta con tus amigas. Perfecto para llevar en tu graduación, hace la perfecta transición de un outfit "día-noche". Simplemente es ese tipo de vestido que se puede utilizar en cualquier ocasión. 

Para mí es lo mismo que una camisa blanca, a los dos le llamo "los salvavidas"

Así es como lucí el mío. Espero que les guste :)

What I'm wearing? - ¿Qué llevo puesto?
Dress - Forever 21
Hat  -Forever 21
Boots - Ted Baker (buy them HERE)
Bracelets - Galilei Online (HERE)

If it were for me, I'd be on the beach all year long. I just love the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, the breeze, the taste of the salty water, how the sun kiss my skin. The tranquility of nature, the sunsets than end the day and reflects on the water. I don't love only the idea of the beach, I love everything that has to do with it.

Hello gorgeous! Here I am with a new post and there isn't much to talk about atm, I think that's why I don't post a lot on the blog, because sometimes I don't have the inspiration to write and I don't want just to post lots of pictures of me in a blank post, hehe.

Hello there, YES! I know, It's been a while. I'm sorry, I got lost again. If you been reading my blog since day one, you might know that sometimes I get lost in life, yes, I've been busy "living" trying not to be in social media a lot, I was taking a break (even though I tried to be active on Instagram), but I needed this break from the online world.

What I've been doing? Well, I was only focussed on school, it was my number One priority to be honest, I feel like I was leaving my career behind and only taking a few classes per year. So, yeah! I finally graduate from college. Yayy! That was a really important day of my life, it was something I always wanted to accomplish and I did it after a few years of hard work.

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote something over here, but yayy!! I'm finally making a new post.

The past weekend I was exploring the south part of my Country, with the most amazing company, a beautiful soul inside out. It's amazing how life surprises you, how suddenly everything fall into place, how someone can show you how to love and care about things. It's amazing how, for the first time in your life someone makes you feel there's no need to be ashamed of your past, someone that doesn't makes you feel like you are worthless or useless, only supports you, but most importantly that open up to you and let you be part of his days, his life, his plans. Someone that really cares about you, not because he said it, but because is proving it with his actions. Someone that loves more the parts about you that you consider flaws. Yep! That's when you realize how lucky you are and how quickly things can change.